All the Live Long Day

This song deals with Cheryl adjusting to being alone after her recent breakup. It started out as a sad song about how she was adjusting to her recent breakup, but then talks about the animals that Cheryl has at home. Although it is sad in parts, the tune is quite peppy.

Cheryl describes this song as an open letter to her former partner, indicating how much she misses her, and what Cheryl and the animals are doing. It wanders around among several topics, has some sad parts, and has some funny parts as well.

Her two cats were asleep on the table when she was writing this song. They aren't allowed on the table, and it was in the middle of the day. But the spray bottle, which is what is used to discipline them, was also on the table. Cheryl swears they were taunting her about that. That was a joke :^)



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The song All the Live Long Day appears on the following album:

Sylvia Hotel
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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