Christine Lavin Could Do It

This is a very funny song that came out of the same Winnepeg Folk Festival that spawned the song Cow Pattern Clothes.

For those who don't know, Christine Lavin is a singer songwriter who spends more time promoting other artists than she spends promoting herself. She has organized a number of showcase type events to help promote folk music, including On A Winter's Night, and Martha's Vineyard.

Here is Cheryl's description of how this song came about:

It was written in reaction to the same workshop (the "Songwriter's Sweatshop") that gave rise to "Cow Pattern Clothes". When we (Patty Larkin, Jeff Bird, Andrew Ratchin and I) showed up for that workshop, we were met by a general state of confusion. The person slated to host it hadn't shown up, and never did. Much of the audience had no idea what to expect, (someone actually yelled out "Do an Arlo Guthie song"). We proceeded to take turns doing songs while the audience was passing a clipboard writing their ideas for songs for us to write. At some point early in the proceedings a woman yelled out something like "Why don't you write a song called - The Great Song About The Workshop At The Winnipeg Folk Festival Where The Host Never Showed Up And It Wouldn't Stop Raining And Nobody Knew What They Were Supposed To Do -?" We four songwriters just sort of stared at the woman and I said something about how that might be somewhat wordy to get into a song. She took umbrage at this and said "Christine Lavin could do it". Well, now there's a song title, plus, she was right. So, after writing "Cow Pattern Clothes" and playing it at the "Sweatshop Results" workshop, I set to work on "Christine Lavin Could Do It".



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The song Christine Lavin Could Do It appears on the following album:

Big League Babe
by Various

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