Grey and Green

Cheryl described the inspiration for this song as follows:

In August we had a week or so of very heavy overcast. It wasn't gloomy though, it was incredibly beautiful and felt like a much needed respite from the summer sun. The whole world was gray and green.. Hence, "Gray and Green".

I get a very relaxed and peaceful feeling each time I listen to this song. It reminds me of a place where I went to relax when I was a kid, and the colors were mostly gray and green. You can watch a live performance of Grey and Green on YouTube.

When Cheryl first wrote this song, she called it "Gray and Green", but the CD lists it as "Grey and Green." I wonder how many other common words we have in the English language where there is two accepted spellings?



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The song Grey and Green appears on the following album:

Pointing At the Sun
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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