Is It Peace Or Is It Prozac?

A very funny song about Cheryl's breakdown. Cheryl is one of the few people that can take a disaster and turn it into a funny song. Here is Cheryl performing a live version of the song on YouTube.

The first line of the song popped into her mind when she was on her way from her therapist to the psychiatrist for the first time. After she started taking medication, people would ask her how she was doing, and she would reply, "OK, but I don't know if it's peace or prozac." She thought that would made a great song title, and talked about writing a song by that name for some time.

At one point during the recording of Driving Home, there was a break in the action, and she told everyone that she was going into the next room to write a song called "Is It Peace or Is It Prozac". People kept sticking their heads in (or over the speaker in the room) with wise cracks, many of which she incorporated into the song.

(I'm doing this all from memory, but I think it was Jonathan Edwards, Al Pettaway and Bob Dawson (recording engineer) who kept teasing her while she wrote the song.)



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The song Is It Peace Or Is It Prozac? appears on the following 4 albums:

by Anderson, D.C.
Blue Summer Day
by Anderson, D. C.
Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
by Wheeler, Cheryl
What Do I Care I Don't Have Any Kids Construction Company
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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