One Love

This was a very new song when it was recorded for Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar. That recording is only the third time she played it. She had written the song the night before, and had intended for this recording to be for her own reference. The more she listened to it, the better she liked it. When she played it for Kenny White, he told her she would be crazy not to put that recording on the new album.

The song is about people who are not sure they want to stay together, but aren't sure they want to break up, either. Many of Cheryl's friends seemed to be going through this phase in their lives, which is the inspiration for this song. You can watch Cheryl perform One Love live on YouTube.



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The song One Love appears on the following 5 albums:

Tell Me a Story
by Taylor, Jim
Voice Like Yours, A
by Killens, The
Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
by Wheeler, Cheryl
Different Stripe
by Wheeler, Cheryl
What Do I Care I Don't Have Any Kids Construction Company
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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