This is a song about itself. Cheryl was playing her guitar one evening, and this tune came out. She played it several times and really liked it. It was late, so she decided she would write a song for that tune the next day. She laid in bed for about 20 minutes, and the song kept running through her head. She finally decided she wasn't going to get any sleep until she did something about it, so she got up and wrote this song.

This song was re-recorded for Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar. Jonathan Edwards, who produced that album, along with her first two albums, loves this song. Cheryl said once that, if it was up to Jonathan, this song would be on all her albums. That was a joke :^)

Piper (and Holding On) is in this C tuning: EGCGCE. Here is a clip of Cheryl performing Piper on YouTube.



Song Clips

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The song Piper appears on the following 3 albums:

Half a Book
by Wheeler, Cheryl
Just Passing Through
by Allen, Lucy~Goers, Marshall
Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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