School Girls

This song really touched me the first time I heard it. I hadn't heard Cheryl do this song live, so the recording on Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar was the first time I heard the song. Normally, I hear a song live first and then finally hear the recorded version when the next album comes out. Interestingly, the same album has another song, The Storm which also falls into this category.

It is hauntingly beautiful, with lyrics and images full of pathos. The harmony with Jonathan Edwards is fantastic. This is the first song of Cheryl's that I heard and wondered how she could do it live. (She does it quite well, BTW) That was a joke :^) Usually it is the other way around. You can find a clip of School Girls on YouTube.

Have you ever complained that youth is wasted on the young? This song talks about how the young waste their time chasing after the wrong kind of love. The song ends with:

Here's to the school girls lost in time

And the boys running wild to see what they can find

Trading love of the long and lasting kind

For a bottle of a stronger brew

Surprisingly, this is a very old song of Cheryl's (as is The Storm.) She hadn't performed it live for a number of years before it was recorded. I guess there is always hope for some of those gems that Cheryl hasn't recorded yet. That was a joke :^)



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The song School Girls appears on the following album:

Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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