Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival '88 Live

A great album. This was my introduction to Cheryl Wheeler. There are a lot of good groups on this album, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. So, when Volume 2 came out, I bought that one as well. I noticed that Cheryl was one of the few artists who were on both albums. I had never heard of Cheryl before, but since I liked both her songs quite a bit, I began looking for more songs by her. Shortly after that, Cheryl was interviewed by NPR about her new album at the time, Circles and Arrows. I went out and bought that album, and haven't stopped yet. That was a joke :^)


Album Tracks

TitleBen & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival '88 Live
Cat #alc105
1 Turning of the Tide 2:56Thompson, Richard
2 Make Me a Pallet on the Floor 3:45Watson, Doc
3 Half a Book 2:53Wheeler, Cheryl
4 Chere Duloone 3:10Queen Ida
5 Going to Chicago 4:20Taj Mahal
6 Scooba Doo 3:31Rascoe, Moses
7 Married Man 2:03Morrisey, Bill
8 Step Into the Light 3:10Larkin, Patty
9 Ramblin' Boy 3:25Paxton, Tom
10 Steady On 4:08Colvin, Shawn
11 Step It Out Nancy 3:35Near, Holly
12 No Hiding Place 2:51Nashville Bluegrass Band
13 Tipitina 2:55John, Dr.
14 Buckets of Rain 5:37Traum, Happy & Artie
15 Riddle Song 2:39Watson, Doc

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