Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival

This album contains live recordings from the 1989 and 1990 festivals. It is interesting that the 1988 festival got two albums ( Volume 1 and \ Volume 2, while 1989 & 1990 had to split one between them. Once again, Cheryl is one of the few artists to be on all three albums.

All the profits from this album goes to 1% for peace.


Album Tracks

TitleBen & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival~Turn of the Decade
LabelRed House
Cat #RHR CD 36
1 This Land is Your Land/Prelude 0:53Seeger, Pete
2 American Tune 4:05Indigo Girls
3 He's Got You on His Mind 4:45Subdudes
4 Delirious 4:02Bloom, Luka
5 Cry Like an Angel 4:34Colvin, Shawn
6 Teresa La Panadera 3:41Jimenez, Flaco y su Conjunto
7 Mariano 3:41Keen, Robert Earl, Jr
8 Crying for Freedom 3:38Sweet Honey in the Rock
9 She Moves Through the Fair 3:45Thompson, Richard
10 Shallow Water 4:03Wild Magnolias & ReBirth Jazz Band, The
11 Arrow 3:48Wheeler, Cheryl
12 Good Morning Coffee 4:32Brown, Greg
13 Killing the Blues 4:38Smither Chris
14 Ballad of Penny Evans 3:30Shocked, Michelle
15 To Know Good Will~Hills of Glenshee, The
To Know Good Will~Hills of Glenshee, The
2:51Seeger, Pete
16 This Land is Your Land (reprise) 3:56Seeger, Pete & company

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