A Country Roots Music Sampler [promo]

This is a promotional disc produced by Rounder Records and WBCS, Boston's Country Music Station.

Both of Cheryl's songs on this album came from Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar.


Album Tracks

TitleCountry Roots Music Sampler, A (promo)
Cat #PR 1043
1 Baby, Now That I've Found You 3:49Krauss, Alison
2 Teardrops Will Kiss the Morning Dew 3:38Krauss, Alison
3 Lovin' You 3:12Cox Family, The
4 Lizzy and the Rainman  Cox Family, The
5 Second Wind 3:05Lynch, Claire
6 Life Without You 2:50Lynch, Claire
7 Does the Future Look Black 4:07Wheeler, Cheryl
8 Further and Further Away 4:53Wheeler, Cheryl
9 My Dixie Darlin' 2:42Lewis, Laurie~Rozum, Tom
10 Oak and the Laurel, The 4:38Lewis, Laurie~Rozum, Tom
11 I Feel Fine Today 2:30Welch, Kevin
12 Pushing Up Daisies 3:24Welch, Kevin
13 King of the Blues 4:06Curless, Dick
14 Crazy Hear 2:50Curless, Dick

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