Cheryl Wheeler Live

This is the first live album that Cheryl has released. Many of us have been begging for her to do this, so that people who haven't seen her perform can realize what a great performer she is. Cheryl says she isn't sure what changed her mind about recording a live show, but I am very glad that she did.

This album has had a number of working titles, the first of which was Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live at the Triple Door. The cover reads Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live featuring Kenny White, the title on the side of the CD is "Cheryl Wheeler Live", and iTunes lists it as Cheryl Wheeler Live (feat. Kenny White). This album is a complete live show with Kenny White that was recorded at The Triple Door in Seattle on 1 Apr 2012. In addition to all 16 songs from that show, all of the patter between songs is present.

The CD has the songs and talking on separate tracks, so if you want to hear just the songs (or just the jokes) That was a joke :^) you can. Some downloaded version (but not iTunes) includes any intro and outro with the song track. The tracks and times listed below are from the CD. You can guestimate the times for the download version by adding the times for the song and any intro and/or outro.


Album Tracks

ArtistWheeler, Cheryl
TitleGreetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live featuring Kenny White
Cat #DIAS1002
1 Greetings 0:42 
2 Intro 1:15 
3 Pop Tarts and Spam 1:45 
4 Outro 0:28 
5 Intro 0:12 
6 Rollin' By 2:59 
7 Intro 0:54 
8 Bank, The 2:53 
9 Outro 1:25 
10 Intro 0:53 
11 Little Lonely Thing 3:11 
12 Intro 1:31 
13 Kenny's Song 2:38 
14 Arrow 3:57 
15 Intro 2:35 
16 Lady Gaga's Singing Program 1:56 
17 Outro 0:55 
18 Intro 2:12 
19 Real November Sky 2:16 
20 Intro 0:21 
21 Where's All the Money? 2:05 
22 Intro 1:08 
23 Shutcher Piehole 1:57 
24 Intro 0:25 
25 75 Septembers 4:06 
26 Intro 1:53 
27 Little Kids 3:16 
28 Intro 0:28 
29 Gandhi/ Buddha 3:24 
30 Intro 0:16 
31 Gandhi/ Buddha counter version 2:06 
32 Outro 0:11 
33 Talk (Fake Last Song) 0:57 
34 Intro 0:46 
35 Potato 1:43 
36 Intro 3:17 
37 Raining in Portland 3:52 

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