Collected – D.C. Anderson

D.C. Anderson is a cabaret singer who frequently covers Cheryl's songs. He says that frequently people come up to him after a show and ask him where he got one of Cheryl's songs. He sends them to the local music store to buy her latest album.

This album contains selections from his first two CDs, which are no longer in print. It includes a number of Cheryl's songs.


Album Tracks

ArtistAnderson, D.C.
Cat #LML CD-138
1 Time Was 2:38 
2 I'm Confessin' 2:29 
3 Blue Summer Day 2:07 
4 I Leave in Doubt 3:03 
5 Arrow 2:50 
6 Is It Peace Or Is It Prozac? 2:26 
7 I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire 1:16 
8 God Loves the Irish 2:03 
9 They Say It's Wonderful 3:24 
10 Get Out and Get Under the Moon 1:51 
11 Flintstones 1:59 
12 Winter Song 2:27 
13 I Never Said Goodby to My Father 1:44 
14 Humming Chorus 2:38 
15 Music to Operate By 4:00 
16 Please Let's Not Even Say Hello 2:17 
17 Beyond the Lights 2:54 
18 After the Funeral 2:41 
19 Box of Visions 3:08 
20 Something Simple 3:11 

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