Defying Gravity

Cheryl describes this as a quiet little album. The title comes from the only cover song on the album (and only the third cover she has recorded), which is a Jesse Winchester song.

This album contains some new songs as well as some older ones that had, dropped off Cheryl's set list. Fortunately for all of us, they have been resurrected. It also contains her first instrumental song to appear on an album (Clearwater, Florida).

It is good to see This is Me finally make it onto an album. Not only didn't it make the previous album, but Cheryl stopped playing it, so I was concerned it was going to be yet another great song lost to most people. Another "oldie by goodie" is Beyond the Lights, which was on the promotional North Star cassette Live and Otherwise. Also, On the Plane had been dropped from her set list for a while after 9/11. Nice to see that song make it to this album. The fact that Alice is on this album will hopefully mean that the Alice in this song will finally get to hear it. Cheryl had promise to send her a copy, but her e-mail address quit working.


Album Tracks

ArtistWheeler, Cheryl
TitleDefying Gravity
Cat #11671-1240
1 Since You've Been Gone 4:08 
2 Little Road 3:32 
3 Must Be Sinking Now 4:13 
4 Beyond The Lights 4:16 
5 Summer's Almost Over 3:05 
6 Defying Gravity 2:55 
7 Clearwater, Florida 1:12 
8 Here Come Floyd 2:28 
9 Alice 3:52 
10 This Is Me 5:07 
11 It's the Phone 2:04 
12 On the Plane 3:16 
13 Blessed 3:40 

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