Greatest Hits - Dan Seals

I guess when you have a number one hit, it has to appear on your "Greatest Hits" album. That was a joke :^)

This is another Dan Seals album containing a cover of "Addicted" by Dan Seals.


Album Tracks

ArtistSeals, Dan
TitleGreatest Hits
Cat #
1 L.O.A. (Love On Arrival)  3:52
2 Big Wheels in the Moonlight  3:53
3 Addicted  4:14
4 Everything that Glitters (Is not Gold)  4:53
5 Bop  3:39
6 Good Times  3:34
7 Bordertown  3:59
8 They Rage On  4:39
9 Water Under the Bridge  3:08
10 Ball and Chain  3:43

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