Rage On - Dan Seals

Suprisingly, even though I had read that Dan Seals took Cheryl's Addicted, I never heard a recording of the song. Well, I finally got a copy of this album.

I'm not much of a Country Music fan, but I find Dan's voice very smooth and pleasing. The album has some nice songs, ranging from calm ballads to toe-tapping songs. That was a joke :^)

Dan's cover of Addicted is nice. It is always hard for me to listen to somebody else sing Cheryl's songs, but his version sounds fine.


Album Tracks

ArtistSeals, Dan
TitleRage On
Cat #CDP546975
1 Big Wheels in the Moonlight 3:53 
2 They Rage On 4:39 
3 Five Generations of Rock Country Wilsons 3:13 
4 Twenty-Four Hour Love 4:07 
5 Factory Town 3:48 
6 Addicted 4:15 
7 Heartache Just Around the Bend, A 3:44 
8 Maybe I'm Missing You Now 3:21 
9 Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice 3:45 
10 Long Long Island Nights 4:40 
11 Those 3:13 

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