Fast Folk - October 1985

Fast Folk is a music magazine that comes with an album each month. This particular album is only available on vinyl. The more recent albums are available on Compact Disc. Many big name folk musicians appear when they are unknowns on these albums.


Album Tracks

TitleFast Folk - October 1985
LabelFast Folk
Cat #FF208
1 No Future  Hardy, Jack
2 Boat Song, The  Lovett, Lyle
3 Sounding  Roth, David
4 As the Crow Flies  Russell, Tom
5 Cares to the Wind  Meyer, Richard
6 Chemical Worker's Song, The  Cayman, Deb
7 Up In the Attic  Mondlock, Buddy
8 You Got to Believe  Moffatt, Hugh
9 Northern Girl  Wheeler, Cheryl
10 My Heart is Artificial  Mellman, Bob
11 Steve on H  Berryhill, Cindy Lee
12 Nuieba (The Desert Song)  Carrie
13 I Don't Care  Batch, Bob

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