Folk Scene, Vol 3

This album contains a nice collection of singer/songwriters recorded live. Most of the songs were recorded either on (or for) the FolkScene show. Some were recorded elsewhere, but donated for this album.

FolkScene is a radio show put on by Roz and Howard Larman. They have been doing this since 1970 on a volunteer basis. You can read more about Folk Scene on their web site:


Album Tracks

TitleFolk Scene Collection, Vol. 3
LabelRed House Records
Cat #RHR CD 155
1 Music In My Room 3:39Wheeler, Cheryl
2 Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key 4:35Joel Rafael Band
3 Kiss Me Before I Die 3:57Lewis, Laurie
4 See Me When You Can 4:46Davis, Guy
5 Clearing in the Forest 2:44Wolf, Kate
6 Ghost in This House 3:25Johnson, Michael
7 Lucky One 3:32Bryndle
8 Last Chance to Dance 3:41Alpha Band, The
9 At Seventeen 4:10Ian, Janis
10 Crow On the Cradle 3:56Browne, Jackson
11 Walkin' On the Moon 4:13Moffatt, Katy~Flores, Rosie
12 Minglewood Blues (aka New Minglewood Blues)/45 Blues 4:53Lindley, David~Ingram, Wally
13 Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance 5:57McKennitt, Loreena

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