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Garth Brooks "sort of" covers one of Cheryl's Songs, If It Were Up to Me. He wrote a song called "Right Now" which is a medley of Cheryl's song and "Let's Get Together" by Chet Powers. This album is a "Pre-Soundtrack" to the Movie "The Lamb". This movie was to be the life story of a fictitious singer/songwriter named Chris Gaines.

There have been a number of comments (good and bad) about the song "Right Now". Some object to the fact that Garth didn't end the song with Cheryl's line "If it were up to me, I'd take away the guns". They feel that he watered down the message of the song. In fact, one person on Cheryl's mailing list made the comment: "If it were up to Garth, he'd take away the point." That was a joke :^) Others feel that this song will introduce Cheryl to many of Garth's fans. Yet others point out that Cheryl will gain monetarily from the song.

Cheryl has commented on this issue a number of times. Garth asked Cheryl if he could use the song. He said that he would mention guns (which he does: "maybe it's the muthas with the guns"). Cheryl didn't expect Garth to end his song the same way that she ended hers (duh!) That was a joke :^) His song addressed a different issue in a different manner. She seems fairly pleased with what he did.


Album Tracks

ArtistBrooks, Garth~Gaines, Chris
TitleGreatest Hits
Cat #72435-20051
1 That's Why I Remember It 4:29 
2 Lost in You 3:05 
3 Snow in July 4:20 
4 Driftin' Away 4:56 
5 Way of the Girl 3:44 
6 Unsigned Letter 4:17 
7 It Don't Matter to the Sun 4:21 
8 Right Now~If It Were Up to Me
Right Now~If It Were Up to Me
9 Main Street 4:12 
10 White Flag 4:43 
11 Digging for Gold 5:08 
12 Maybe 5:11 
13 My Love Tells Me So 4:33 

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