Half a Book

Front cover of Half a Book

© 1991 North Star Music

This album was originally issued under the Cypress label, which went under, and North Star picked it up. Thanks to Tom Taylor for this info

This is Cheryl's second album, which includes two of my favorites: Summer Fly and Half a Book.

If you get a copy of this album, take a look at the CD and see if they still have a typo on it: I See Your Eyes. That was a joke :^)

This album has a number of interesting songs about different aspects of relationships. It is amazing to me that one person can write such convincing songs about so many different flavors of relationships.

Cheryl Wheeler
vocals, acoustic guitar
John Bois
vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
Jody Briggs
Yamaha concert grand piano, Yamaha DX-7, Oberheim and Mirage synthesizers, Hammond B-3 organ
Peter Nathanson
electric guitars
Michael Warner
Jonathan Edwards
Kenny White
piano (Half a Book, In Your Heart, Piper, and Summer Fly
Jim Biggins
tenor and soprano sax
John Jennings
guitars (Half a Book, Summer Fly, Rainin', In Your Heart, I See Your Eyes
Produced by
John Bois
Executive Producer
Bruce Foulke
Recorded at
Stable Sound Studios, Portsmouth, RI
Steve Rizzo
Jack Gauthier
assistant engineer
Additional recording
Digital by Dickinson, Bloomfield, NJ. Joe Mamo, engineer
Mixed at
Digital by Dickinson. Joe Mamo, engineer
Mastered by
Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound, NYC
Production Assistance
Bruce Foulke, Jody Briggs, Steve Rizzo


Album Tracks

ArtistWheeler, Cheryl
TitleHalf a Book
LabelNorth Star
Cat #WS0005
1 Emotional Response 3:39 
2 I Don't Have the Time 2:36 
3 I Don't Reach You Any More 3:19 
4 Tell Him Goodbye 5:30 
5 In Your Heart 4:01 
6 Rainin' 2:41 
7 Half a Book 2:59 
8 I See Your Eyes 4:44 
9 Thinkin' Of Leavin' 4:01 
10 Summer Fly 3:53 
11 Piper 4:32 

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