Ain't Gonna Cry – Juice Newton

This album has a very early cover of I Know This Town, although it was recorded under the title I'm Only Walkin'.

If you are familiar with Juice Newton, you will find the range of songs that you might expect on one of her albums. Apparently, she broke her contract shortly after this album was released, and so the label didn't promote it that much. Songs range from folk, to Country, to Motown, to disco.

The album has been out of print for quite some time. I was lucky enough to find somebody who was willing to send me information and let me listen to it. If you happen to come across it at a flea market or used CD store, pick it up. If you don't like it, then maybe I will buy it off you. That was a joke :^)

I heard from someone who found an LP version of this album, but it only listed the first nine songs.


Album Tracks

ArtistNewton, Juice
TitleAin't Gonna Cry
Cat #8376-2-R
1 When Love Comes Around the Bend 2:28 
2 Goin' to Work 4:19 
3 I Ain't Gonna Cry No More 3:56 
4 The Moment You Were Mine 3:31 
5 (And) Then He Kissed Me 3:22 
6 I Know This Town 3:37 
7 Say You'll Be Mine  3:28
8 You're Making It Easy 3:30 
9 Gonna Find You 3:30 
10 Love is the Only Chain 4:21 

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