Kerrville Folk Festival - 1995 Highlights

Each year, Kerrville issued a 'Highlights' album, which was usually only available in and around Kerrville. (The two box set is a collection of those albums.) This is the first "Kerrville Highlights" album that has been available for national distribution.


Album Tracks

TitleKerrville Folk Festival - 1995 Highlights
Cat #SWKCD 1005
1 Baby Sitter's Here, The 4:15Williams, Dar
2 Mineral Wells 4:25Russell, Tom
3 Howl at the Moon 3:31Wheeler, Cheryl
4 When the Tears Fall Down 4:07LaFave, Jimmy
5 Ships 3:43Kimmel, Tom
6 Sweet Tooth 4:11Domestic Science Club
7 Take Time to Know Her 6:40Davis, Stephan Alan
8 St. Mary's of Regret 4:22Werner, Susan
9 No Matter What Goes Right 4:31Trout Fishing in America
10 Dream a Dream 3:05Elliott, Carol
11 Paperback Man 4:55Paul, Ellis
12 Someone's Got to Pay/Injustice 5:52Prasada-Rao, Tom
13 Troubled Mind 3:45Curtis, Catie
14 Your Face 3:55Eberhardt, Cliff
15 Saving Grace 4:07Aiken, Caroline
16 Rider On An Orphan Train 4:21Massengill, David
17 Driving 6:25Mumbo Gumbo

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