Live and Otherwise

This was a promotional cassette that was distributed in 1987. It seems that this tape was given away to those who completed some kind of survey.

There are a number of very interesting things about this cassette. For one thing, it contains songs that aren't recorded anywhere else. Blue Eyes is a great song. I have told Cheryl several times that I thought this song should be recorded. Now I find that it was, but just not made widely available.

The recording of Aces on this tape icontains the extra chorus which doesn't appear on the version on Circles & Arrows. Cheryl originally wrote the song with a second chorus, but was encouraged to drop it for that album.

Junk Food is a live recording. The rest of the songs are studio recordings. It is a shame that they never showed up on an album.

The cassette doesn't have any specific credits, other than a copyright notice.


Album Tracks

ArtistWheeler, Cheryl
TitleLive and Otherwise
LabelNorth Star
Cat #[none]
1 Blue Eyes   
2 Aces   
3 Junk Food   
4 Beyond the Lights   

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