Laugh Tracks

This is the first of two albums organized by Christine Lavin and recorded live at the Bottom Line in New York City. Christine assembled a collection of singer/songwriters who had funny material and collected one song from each onto this two album set.

This album was the first time that Cheryl's Potato was recorded.


Album Tracks

TitleLaugh Tracks Volume 1
Cat #8022
1 (Andy Breckman tells us how he really feels) 3:23 
2 Don't Get Killed 1:40Breckman, Andy
3 (Chenille Sisters give us their Bob Dylan Update) 0:17Sisters, The
4 Blowin' in the Wind - A Female Perspective 2:39Chenille Sisters, The
5 (Welcome to New York, Done White)  0:28
6 Rascal 5:00White, Don
7 (Vance Rants) 2:56 
8 Country Western Rap 3:21Gilbert, Vance
9 (Act 1 - Patty Larkin channels Marlene Dietrich) 3:22 
10 (Act 2 - Patty Larkin 'hums' La Vie En Rose) 0:53 
11 At the Mall (Act 3, starring Marlene Dietrich, Carmen Miranda, and Ethel Merman) 4:14Larkin, Patty
12 Blow 'Em Away 3:20Brodsky, Chuck
13 Potato 2:13Wheeler, Cheryl
14 (Welcome to New York, Greg Greenway) 0:49 
15 Massachusetts 4:24Greenway, Greg
16 (Dave's True Story asks: Thinking of majoring in English Literature?) 0:27 
17 Trollope 2:50Dave's True Story
18 Microwave Life 3:25McDonough, Memgon

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