Closer - Lui Collins

Cheryl, during an interview on Folk Alley, mentioned that she loves Luis Collin's cover of His Home Town.

This album has a combination of songs and poetry, so don't be surprised when you hear talking while listening to the album.


Album Tracks

ArtistCollins, Lui
Cat #53114-00692
1 Spring! 0:52 
2 Red Robin 2:43 
3 Creek, The 1:11 
4 Susquehanna 3:33 
5 Making Pies 3:24 
6 Precipice 3:19 
7 Step Into the Water 4:48 
8 Astilbe 1:21 
9 Blood Red the Stain 5:21 
10 Journey's End 1:43 
11 Someone to Come Home To 6:30 
12 Holiday 3:17 
13 Gone But Not Forgotten 3:07 
14 Glance in a Mirror 0:47 
15 Where? 3:03 
16 Bells of May Street 2:54 
17 Shiny White-Toed Hightops 1:07 
18 All the Pretty Birds 3:18 
19 His Hometown 4:17 
20 I Wrest My Joy 1:11 
21 Hanging Up the Snowshoes 3:56 

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