New Music Made in New England

This is a promotional CD from Rounder Records that appeared in "Yankee Magazine". This is a magazine that has an audio CD included in some (if not all) of their issues.

According to the back of the CD cover, for subscriptions or product information about Yankee Magazine, you can call 1-800-288-4284 or visit

The track on this album is from Driving Home.


Album Tracks

TitleNew Music Made in New England
Cat #YM1
1 Just Before We Lost the War 3:29Morrissey, Bill
2 When Fall Comes to New England 3:16Wheeler, Cheryl
3 Salt of My Tears, The 4:22Roomful of Tears
4 Wake Up Call 5:23Willson, Michelle
5 Jug Band Music 3:01Tarbox Ramblers
6 Bring It On 4:14Cleaves, Slaid
7 Take Me Down 4:39Paul, Ellis
8 Design 4:13Amsterburg, Merrie
9 Redbird's Wing 3:321Staines, Bill
10 Road He's Walking On, The 3:53Zeigler, Diane
11 Wild in the Sixties 3:21Mallett, David
12 High on a Mountain 4:48Wayfaring Strangers
13 Dear Amelia 3:10Gilbert, Vance
14 Easy People 3:50Nnields, The
15 Bukharester Bulgar (Bulgar from Bucharest) 2:27Klezmer Conservatory Band
16 Fix Your Hair the Way You Used To 2:48Morrissey, Bill

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