Lifelines Live – Peter, Paul, and Mary

This is a live version of the studio album. Check there for a complete description.

I believe that there was a video created of the concert from which this album came.


Album Tracks

ArtistPeter Paul and Mary
TitleLifelines Live
Cat #46298
1 Babylon~Oh Sinner Man
Babylon~Oh Sinner Man
2 Wonderin'~Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
Wonderin'~Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
3:30Van Ronk, Dave~Sebastian, John
3 75 Septembers 3:53 
4 Deportee 4:34 
5 Times They Are A Changin', The 4:08Paxton, Tom
6 Old Enough (Ode to An Aging Rocker) 3:26 
7 Home Is Where the Heart Is 4:50 
8 Great Mandala, The~Wheel of Life, The
Great Mandala, The~Wheel of Life, The
6:20Havens, Richie
9 Stewball 4:03 
10 For the Love Of It All 4:48Werner, Susan
11 Virtual [email protected]
Virtual [email protected]
12 House of the Rising Sun 3:42Odetta
13 Freedom Medley 6:24 
14 Kid, The 5:17Mondlock, Buddy
15 Sweet Survivor 4:19 
16 River of Jordan 4:46 

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