Philo So Far

This album was put together by Rounder/Philo to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Philo. (I'll bet you guessed that yourself, didn't you?) That was a joke :^)

It is a great collection. The song by Vance Gilbert was available before his first CD came out. I remember going to this tour (It was held inside a Unitarian Church in Philly), and being surprised that they didn't have Vance's CD for sale. If you aren't familiar with Vance, I often describe him as a male version of Cheryl Wheeler. That was a joke :^)


Album Tracks

TitlePhilo So Far - the 20th Anniversary Folk Sampler
Cat #PH 1161
1 Mysterious Woman 4:31Lavin, Christine
2 Sourdough - The Miner's Song 6:16Staines, Bill
3 Feet Of a Dancer 4:11O'Connel, Maura
4 Mango Time 5:20Bird, Tony
5 Lookin' For the Time (Working Girl) 2:43Griffith, Nanci
6 Love's Been Linked to the Blues 3:05Olney, David
7 Justine 4:12Larkin, Patty
8 Way Out West 4:11McCaslin, Mary
9 Balk Headed Men 3:25Four Bitchin' Babes
10 Right Over Me 2:55Moffat, Katy & Hugh
11 Birches 3:19Morrissey, Bill
12 75 Septembers 4:04Wheeler, Cheryl
13 Box of Visions 3:19Russell, Tom
14 Live Man in the Dead of Night 4:54Olsen, Kristina
15 Fishing With Bill 4:29Brown, Greg
16 If These Teardrops Had Wings 4:35Gilbert, Vance

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