Rick Bancroft - Rick Bancroft

In 1998, Rick sent me a copy of this CD. He explained that it was recorded as a promo in an attempt to get a record deal. Things didn't work out for him, and so Rick is no longer in the music business (for now, at least). However, he still has copies of this album, so you can get a copy. You can contact him directly at [email protected].

Rick has a nice voice, and his version of Arrow is very nice. He has some nice songs on this album, so if you happen to run into it, you might consider picking up.


Album Tracks

ArtistBancroft, Rick
TitleRick Bancroft
Cat #
1 Grandma's Garden 3:32 
2 What Ever Happened to Us 3:54 
3 Love On 3:11 
4 Right Love, Wrong Time 3:50 
5 Tourist in Paris 3:01 
6 Arrow 4:00 

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