Sleepy Hollow 25th Anniversary

This is a benefit album for Sleepy Hollow, the early morning weekend program on WXPN, a public radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I got mine when I renewed my membership with the station. If this is like the other albums WXPN puts out, it will be a limited edition. The song included on this album is from the Driving Home album.


Album Tracks

TitleSleepy Hollow 25th Anniversary
LabelGreater Media Cable
Cat #SH9701
1 Calling You 5:22Steele, Jevetta
2 Between the Shadows 3:42McKennitt, Loreena
3 Ubiquotous Mr. Lovegrove 6:04Dead Can Dance
4 From a Late Night Train 3:52Blue Nile
5 When Fall Comes to New England 3:13Wheeer, Cheryl
6 Birches 3:27Morrissey, Bill
7 Witchcraft 2:52Fitzgerald, Ella
8 Ammer Kimia 3:04Sharifi, Jamshied
9 Feed the Fire 4:31Rhodes, Happy
10 Sun Singer 3:55Paul Winter Consort
11 Lakme 4:40Delibes
12 You Cannot Win 'Em All 2:54Forbert, Steve
13 Peace Piece 7:13Kronos Quartet

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