Silverwolf Homeless Project

This album is a very good benefit album. Unlike some similar albums, most of the songs on the album deal directly with the topic of the homeless.

To order your copy, send $18.50 ($15.00 for the album plus $3.50 S/H) to:

Silverwolf Homeless Project

RR1, Box 10

Thetford Center, VT 05075-9701


Album Tracks

TitleSilverwolf Homeless Project, The
Cat #SWCD-1002
1 Invisible Lady 4:34Wheeler, Cheryl
2 Noah Nelson 5:13Gaines, Ken
3 Gypsy Life, The 4:25Gorka, John
4 Room Here for Another 5:24McCutcheon, John
5 Just a Bum 4:13Brown, Greg
6 Picnic 3:20Morrisey, Bill
7 William and Fred 3:31Ims, Jon
8 Driftwood 4:26Prasada-Rao, Tom
9 Justiceville 3:45Stewart, John
10 We Ain't Got No Home 4:47Stark Raving Chandler~Guthrie, Woody~Stark, Amanda~Chandler, Chris
11 Hard Times are Here Again 3:13Paxton, Tom
12 Old Bones 4:32Johnson, Crow
13 I Told Him My Dog Wouldn't Run 2:41Larkin, Patty
14 Tuck and Roll Dream 2:43Elwood, Michael~Galiger, Beth
15 Geraldine & Ruthie May 5:26Campbell, Sarah Elizabeth
16 We're Comin' Up 2:29DiFranco, Ani

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