Touring Troubadours

This compilation album was designed to be sold by the artists at concerts for a very low price. The idea was to introduce the fans of one of the artists to the other artists. Some of the cuts are album cuts, but others are previously unreleased. The two songs by Cheryl are from her albums.

I wish recording companies made more of these kinds of albums. I buy these kinds of albums all the time. Usually, I discover some new artist that I really like, and then go out and buy their albums. I'm sure that, in the long run, the recording companies have more than made their money back from me. That was a joke :^)

Unfortunately, I have been told that this CD is no longer available.


Album Tracks

TitleTouring Troubadours
Cat #TS-1
1 Taking It All to Tennessee 4:47Gilbert, Vance
2 Charlene 4:05Gilbert, Vance
3 Jesse [single version] 3:38Kennedys, The
4 Wild Rivers 4:13Kennedys, The
5 Sunset Boulevard 4:47Miles, Lynn
6 You Don't Love Me Anymore 4:11Miles, Lynn
7 Shake That Thing 2:40Morrissey, Bill
8 Inside 2:52Morrissey, Bill
9 Easy People 3:50Nields, The
10 Snowman 4:11Nields, The
11 Dillinger 3:56Olney, David
12 Dogwoods 3:01Olney, David
13 Translucent Soul 4:35Paul, Ellis
14 Take Me Down 4:41Paul, Ellis
15 When the River Rose 3:51Savory, Tanya
16 County Fair 3:24Savory, Tanya
17 If It Were Up to Me 3:11Wheeler, Cheryl
18 When Fall Comes to New England 3:16Wheeler, Cheryl

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