A Woman's Heart - Various

This is a nice collection of women singers with beautiful voices. It includes Maura O'Connell's cover of Cheryl's Summerfly that can be found on her album Helpless Heart. The album also contains songs by Mary and Frances Black and others. It is a nice album to listen to.

According to the label web site www.dolphin-dara.ie:

A Woman's Heart' is a classic album by any standards. Since its launch in July 1992, this record breaking collection has sold in excess of 500,000 units and remained the No.1 album in the Irish Charts for nearly 20 weeks


Album Tracks

TitleHelpless Heart
Cat #CD 158
1 Only a Woman's Heart 4:32McEvoy, Eleanor~Black, Mary
2 Caledonia 4:32Keane, Dolores
3 Vanities 4:27Black, Mary
4 Blackbird 4:00Shannon, Sharon
5 Wall of Tears 4:05Black, Frances
6 Summerfly 3:03O'Connell, Maura
7 Island, The 4:56Keane, Dolores
8 I Hear You Breathing In 3:33McEvoy, Eleanor
9 Sonny 3:38Black, Mary
10 Coridinio 2:45Shannon, Sharon
11 Living in These Troubled Times 3:16I;Cibbekkm Nayra
12 After the Ball 8:19Black, Frances

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