In My Room

Good music for a good cause. This album is a benefit CD for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society consisting of cover songs by a number of very good singer/songwriters. If you are familiar with some of the artists on the album, you will no doubt want to get it. If you aren't familiar with them, then you owe it to yourself to get it so that you can discover some new talent. That was a joke :^)

You will probably recognize many of the songs, which are by people like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, and (of course) Cheryl Wheeler. Each performer selected a song by another artist that they admired, and explain why they picked their song. So, in addition to raising money for a good cause, you get to discover new artists, both the performers and the covered songwriter.

The Cheryl cover on this album is What We Saw, a song that doesn't appear on any commercial album (although it does appear on the email-list only CD No Previous Record) by D.C. Anderson, who has covered more of Cheryl's songs that any other artist. As a bonus, many of the songs he covers are, like this one, unrecorded elsewhere.


Album Tracks

TitleIn My Room
Cat #LML CD-251
1 I Hear a Symphony 4:30Adams, Peter Bradley
2 Picture In a Frame 5:14Henn, Ritt
3 Only You 2:53Blonde, Dakota
4 People Get Ready 3:54Fingerett, Sally
5 How Can I Tell You 2:58Eggleston, Kat
6 Old Gospel Shi0, The 2:35Nunnery, Hope~Tarshis, Steve
7 Honey Tree, The 4:58Kulak, Bryce
8 Pretty Bird 4:51Anderson, Claudia
9 You Don't Know What Love Is 3:18Olsen, Kristina
10 Secret Love 3:42Roth, David
11 Time M achine, The 3:42Shaw, Victoria
12 What We Saw 4:22Anderson, D.C.
13 Last Thing On My Mind, The 5:10Modern Man
14 Nobody's Crying 4:07Lieberman, Lori
15 To Make You Feel My Love 3:21Reid, Mike
16 Octopus's Garden 4:14Zimmerman, Roy
17 You Don't Miss Your Water 4:15Tudury, Teresa
18 Jonlene 3:35Arlington Priest
19 For Real 4:08Lavin, Christine
20 If I Should Fall Behind 2:43Curtis, Catie

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