Live at the World Cafe Volume 9

The World Cafe is a radio show produced by WXPN in Philadelphia, PA, the radio station that pioneered the AAA radio format. World Cafe plays a variety of singer/songwriter music, blues, swing, etc. Each show includes live interviews with various artists as well as live performances of some of their songs. On other occasions, an artist will be the "Guest DJ", playing whatever music has influenced him/her/them, commenting about why they like the various songs they play.

Live at the World Cafe is a series of albums for which only a fixed number are manufactured. When they are gone, they are gone. They are originally available only through the radio station for contributors. After some period of time, the remaining copies are sold in various local music stores.


Album Tracks

TitleLive at the World Cafe Volume 9
LabelWorld Cafe
Cat #WC9909L
1 Last Night of the World 4:39Cockburn, Bruce
2 If It Were Up to Me 2:38Wheeler, Cheryl
3 Things We Do 5:25Indigenous
4 Hammond Song 5:41Roches, The
5 Sunday Times 3:36Wainwright, Loudon III
6 April Fools 3:57Wainwright, Rufus
7 DJ Serenade 4:20McGarrigle, Kate & Anna
8 American, The 3:07Sexton, Martin
9 Nena 4:20Bloque
10 This Time 4:55Los Lobos
11 Meet Virginia 3:55Train
12 Dancin' in the Light 5:15Entrain
13 Gravity 4:03Hendrix, Terri
14 No Love Today 4:13Smither, Chris
15 Cathedrals 4:09Jump Little Children
16 Out of My Head 2:29Fastball
17 Crazy 1:51Nelson, Willie
18 Wish We Never Met 4:14Wilhoite, Kathleen

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