Women of Kerrville, The

This is a nice collection of songs from women singer/songwriters who have appeared at Kerrville. The really nice thing about this collection is that the songs don't appear on other Kerrville CDs, so you aren't buying a collection of recordings you might already have.

Unlike previous "Kerrville Highlights" albums, this is available nationally from Silverwolf. Hopefully this will continue in future issues.

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Album Tracks

TitleWomen of Kerrville, The
Cat #SWKCD 1004
1 Christian and Pagan 3:11Williams, Dar
2 Haul Off and Kiss Me 3:34Aikin, Caroline
3 If I Had Only Know 2:45Stanfield, Jana
4 I Always Told You the Truth 3:29Miles, Lynn
5 75 Septembers 4:09Wheeler, Cheryl
6 Keating - N.Y.10/11/91 3:35Pratt, Vicki
7 Solitary Hero 3:34Elliott, Carol
8 Sugar Pit, (Mumbo Gumbo) 4:40Webster, Chris~Walton, Tracy
9 Peaches and Cream 4:45Domestic Science Club
10 Much At All 3:38Werner, Susan
11 Dandelion 3:28Curtis, Catie
12 Her Melancholy Muse 2:58Gilkyson, Eliza
13 Las Mananitas 2:31Hinojosa, Tish
14 Haunt Your Heart 4:01Albert, Christine

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