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I recently learned how to create ringtones, and have been having fun with them. Of course, the first ringtone I created was Cheryl's ode to cell phones: It's the Phone. I have an iPhone and import my ringtones into iTunes on my home computer, which will add them to my phone.

The actual format of a ringtone depends on the type of phone you use. The iPhone uses the AAC format, while the Android and Windows phone uses MP3 format. Make sure you click on the correct ringtone format.

The safest way is to right-click on the link and then choose the "Save As" option. This will prevent your browser from trying to play the ringtone instead of downloading it.

Video Clips

Tony Gottlieb's page on YouTube
Cheryl's manager, Tony Gottlieb, has a page on YouTube that contains a number of videos by Cheryl and Dan Seals.
Search for Cheryl on You Tube
You can find a number of video clips of Cheryl on You Tube, some of them uploaded by Tony Gottlieb, Cheryl's manager.

My Space

Cheryl still has a MySpace page . The page is not very active, but it does contain her most recent albums. If you can't find a clip on YouTube, you might try here.

Audio Clips

Phone interview for a show at Club Jaeb
Cheryl's previous show at this venue had sold out. In addition to the interview, there are audio clips for several songs.
Mostly Folk Interview - WIOX 91.3 FM
Artie Martello interviewed Cheryl over the phone. They talked about a number of things. Artie was obviously a big fan of Cheryl and heaped tons of praises on her. He also said some really nice things about the web site. Scroll down, or do a search (Ctrl-F) on the page for Cheryl Wheeler.
Live concert recordings from Falls River - The Narrows Center
Listen to two shows by Cheryl from 2009 and 2010.
Scroll down the page until you see Cheryl's name, then select the show you want to hear.
Interview from WPFT-FM
Listen to an interview of Cheryl from WPFT-FM before the Mucky Duck gig.
MPR Radio Heartland
A concert from Minnesota Public Radio of Susan Werner opening for Cheryl Wheeler.
Cheryl has appeared several times on ETown. Click on the above link and search for "Cheryl Wheeler", and you can listen to entire shows.
Newport Folk Festival
Search for "Wheeler". You can hear her performance and an interview
Folk Alley Interview and Songs
Folk Alley is a 24-hour Internet radio station. The interview is quite good, and contains a number of song clips. I addition to the interview, you can listen to entire versions of Alice, Howl At the Moon, If It Were Up to Me, and Your God. In addition to listening, members can download the audio files.
Planetary Radio Podcast
Cheryl was interviewed for the Planetary Radio Show, which is produced by the Planetary Society. Cheryl talks about her song Orbiting Jupiter, and the fact that it was taken into space.
Listen to the song "Your God"
This is a recording of the entire song. One of Cheryl's rants about religious fanatics.
NHPR Front Porch Interview
Cheryl was interviewed shortly before performing as part of the Front Porch Summer Arts Series.
Shelly's podcast from NashBash
This interview was conducted during Nash Bash, which was a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Cheryl's e-mail list.
Shelly Brisbin's Phone Interview of Cheryl
This is a phone interview by Shelly Brisbin, who runs Cheryl's e-mail list. It is a long interview, and is probably the most in-depth interview you will ever hear by Cheryl.

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