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Site Organization

This section will help new visitors get oriented with the site. I have tried to organize it in such a way that it is easy to find things, so if you find something confusing, please take the time to send e-mail to [email protected] with questions and/or suggestions about the site.

The menu items on the left side of the page should appear everywhere on the site. They define the major divisions of the site. If you have JavaScript enabled, you should see a drop-down-list at the bottom of the left menu. This will allow you to set the color scheme of the site. If you are using a CSS-enabled browser (FireFox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, etc.) you can select the "(non-IE)" options, which will keep the left and right menus always in view; only the center text will scroll. If you are using IE7 or newer, you can select the non-IE options as well. If you can't find the menus, that probably means you are using an IE based browser. You should scroll to the bottom of the page, where you should find the menus, and select one of the options that doesn't say "(non-IE)".

The menu items on the right side of the page refer to sections within the current page. The Top option will take you to the top of the page. The remaining items will allow you to jump to a section within the page. The actual menu items on the right will vary from page to page.

When you click on a menu item from the left side of the page, that selection will change color and not have a link associated with it. For example, if you look at the Home menu item when you are on this (the home) page, it will look different than the other menu items. (What it looks like depends on what style you have selected to view the pages.) If that page contains deeper links to other pages (like the Songs and Albums pages), then it will become a link again when you delve deeper into that section of the site.

Here is a brief overview of the site:

This menu option will take you back to this page.
Some information about Cheryl. If you have just discovered Cheryl, this section will tell you about her background, etc.
If you are a concert promoter, this section can provide you material you can use for concert posters, program notes, etc. You are free to use anything on this site for any event pertaining to Cheryl. My only requirement is that you credit this site when you do. This can be done by stating that the material came from the site, or simply by adding a link to the site, suggesting those who want more information should come here.
This section deals with all the known albums pertaining to Cheryl. This includes albums by Cheryl herself, as well as collections with Cheryl's materials, albums where Cheryl sings backup, and albums that contain covers of Cheryl's songs.
For each album, you can find a page containing a list of the songs on the album, some credits about the album itself, as well as some comments about the album (or at least Cheryl's song(s) on the album.)
If you are looking for an album containing a given song, then you should start with the Songs section, which will contain a list of the albums with that song.
This section deals with Cheryl's songs. There are two ways you can find a song: (a) there is an alphabetical list of songs, and (b) there is a page that classifies songs according to categories. If you know what song you are looking for, then you want to use the alphabetical listing. If, however, you heard a song but don't know the name, the list by song types might be a better bet.
For each song, you will find a page containing information about the song, possibly the lyrics, maybe sound clips, and a list of what albums (if any) that the song appears on (including covers by other artists.)
If you heard a song at a concert and want to know the name, then you probably want to try the Set Lists page first.
This page deals with all things pertaining to concerts, including her schedule, recent set lists, and audience recordings (bootlegs).
This page will tell you where you can find out if Cheryl will be performing in your area. If you join Cheryl's e-mail list, each week a message is sent out telling the list members where Cheryl will be performing that week. Of course, that might be too late for some of you, since her concerts often sell out.
This section also lists the songs that Cheryl has been performing at recent concerts. Cheryl doesn't have a fixed set list, so this can change constantly (which makes it hard to keep the page up to date.) Cheryl will often take requests, and has been know to perform a song she hasn't done for a long time, so there is always the chance that the song you heard isn't on this list.
If you can't find the song you heard on this page, you should try the Songs section, and try to look it up by song types. If that doesn't work, send e-mail to [email protected] and describe what you remember about the song. I will try to help you out.
Contact Us
This section provides you with different ways to get in contact with various people pertaining to Cheryl. It also provides information on other sources of information about Cheryl, such as her e-mail list.
If you aren't sure who you should contact, then you can always send e-mail to [email protected], explain what you are trying to do, and I will try to help you.
Cheryl doesn't have a public e-mail address where you can send messages. If you send something to me, then I can often forward it to Cheryl. You can also send something to her through her manager.
This section is geared towards people who are interested in booking Cheryl for a show. It contains high resolution promotional pictures, possible concert configurations, sample program notes, etc. Although anyone is welcome to look at these pages, it will be of most use for promoters.
More ...
This is a "catch-all" page that contains a lot of information that doesn't fit into any of the other categories. If you can't find what you are looking for, try here. That was a joke :^)
Here are some of the things you will find in this section:
Chords and Tabs
If you want to learn how to play one of Cheryl's songs, check here
Where to Get Cheryl's Albums
If you are having problems finding Cheryl's albums, look here.
Some pictures about Cheryl, including some by her
If you can't find the answer anywhere else, try here before you send e-mail to [email protected] for help.
Test Site
If you want to help me test a future version of the site, look here.


About This Site

This is the definitive place to find out information about Cheryl Wheeler. Cheryl, her manager, booking agent, and recording label all refer to this as the official site, and provide me with much of the information within this site.

Nevertheless, I am solely responsible for the editorial content of these pages. I am not officially connected with Cheryl, although I work closely with her, her manager, her booking agent, venues, etc.

This site is probably the oldest / longest running web site devoted to a musician, certainly one devoted to a singer/songwriter. I first created this web site when Mosaic was the only browser. It has been hosted at various locations over the years: it started out being hosted by the now defunct FolkBook. Once I started teaching at Delaware County Community College, I hosted it under my web site at, and it was later moved to Finally, Charles Hamilton, a relative of Cheryl who owns the hosting company CHCS purchased the domain name and offered to host the web site.

The site was originally called "The Official Unofficial Cheryl Wheeler Web Site" because it was an unofficial web site since it was created and maintained by me, but at the same time it was official, since Cheryl, her manager, her booking agency, and her recording company all considered this her web site. A problem arose once venues and other booking organizations began using the web to research artists. They got confused when they were looking for the official web site and was sent to mine. Tony Gottlieb, Cheryl's manager, needed an official web site. We reached a compromise: I dropped the cute name and made it look official to the casual visitor, but still retained control of the site. I am solely responsible for all editorial content. There are times when I quote Cheryl or other people, and those quotes are clearly identified. All other wording on the site is mine. I receive no monetary payment for maintaining this site. I do it because I love Cheryl and her music.


Privacy Statement

The only way I will know if you visited this site is if you send e-mail to [email protected]. I don't get any money for maintaining this site, so there is no incentive to get more people to visit. I run this site because I love Cheryl and her work. I work two jobs and am active with my church, so I have no time and/or interest in compiling lists of visitors. Once again, if you don't tell me you were here, I won't know. And I don't think anyone else would know, either.

If you do e-mail me, I usually keep e-mails forever. This can be a good thing, however. For example, several years ago somebody from Cedar Rapids, IA sent me an e-mail asking why Cheryl never performed near her. I used to live in Iowa City, IA, and worked in Cedar Rapids, so we exchanged a few e-mails. A couple of years later, I noticed that Cheryl was performing in Iowa, so I searched my e-mail, found who it was, and let them know about the concert. That was a joke :^)

I don't monitor who visits this site. The company that hosts this site, CHCS Consulting, does collect some statistics about visitors, but I hardly ever check them. As far as I know, CHCS doesn't doesn't monitor that data, but creates them strictly for the people who run their sites. I mostly use Google Analytics to collect web site statistics. This package tells me what city visitors are from (or at least their ISPs), but doesn't identify individual visitors.

This site does use cookies to save what style (color scheme) you prefer to use when at this site. That's the only information that is stored in the cookie. If you don't like cookies, you can either learn to like the default color scheme, or set your preferred style and delete the cookie when you are done. If you delete your cookies, you will have to set it again the next time you visit. If you use an old browser like Internet Explorer 6 or earlier, you will probably have to select the "IE Browsers" style, which will set a cookie. Of course, if you are concerned about security, you are probably running FireFox instead of IE anyway. That was a joke :^)

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© 1999-2014 William R. Pringle. Permission is granted to use any of this information to promote any event involving Cheryl Wheeler, provided credit is clearly given to this site.

This site is maintained by Bill Pringle, a HUGE fan of Cheryl. No viewpoints expressed within this site should be construed as the opinion of anyone other than me.

If you find any mistakes, broken links, etc. or if you just want to comment on the site, send e-mail to [email protected]

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