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This page allows you to search the lyrics of Cheryl's songs. Enter up to five words from a song you are looking for, and then click on the "Search" button. You will be shown a list of song titles, along with the number of times that any of the words appear in the song. The higher the number of matches, the more likely it is the song you are looking for.

The number of matches can be more than the number of words you entered. This is because the same word may appear several times within a song. The number of matches includes each time a word appears in the song.

Search Tips

Don't include short words. This tool will search for words that begin with your search term. For example, if you enter "walk", it will find "walk", "walking", "walked", etc. but if you enter "a", it will find all words that start with "a".

Use words that probably aren't in too many other songs. For example, if you search for words like "love", "want", etc. you will get a lot of song titles. Pick words that aren't likely to be in any other songs.

If you are having problems, try entering the start of the word. For example, Cheryl has a song called "Rainin'". If you search for "raining" you won't find it; you need to search for "rain" or "rainin".

If you are still having problems finding the song, go back to the Songs page for more suggestions on finding the song you want.

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