This page contains a number of pictures about Cheryl. In some cases, they are pictures of Cheryl performing, and in other cases, pictures that Cheryl sent to me.

If you are a promoter who is looking for hi-res pictures, see the Promoter's Page.

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Kitty and Tanner This is a picture of Tanner and Kitty
Kitty sleeping on a sofa Here is a picture of Kitty sleeping on the sofa. Although some think that Kitty is a strange name for a dog, Cheryl reminds people that it is a name, after all.
Kitty and Lou playing Here is a picture of Kitty and Lou playing. Kitty is the small dog, and Lou is the large cat. Cheryl's song Meow is about Lou.
Kitty and Lou playing Here is another picture of Kitty and Lou playing.
Cheryl and Kenny This is a sketch of Cheryl and Kenny. It was sent to me by her manager, Tony Gottlieb.
Cheryl's iPhone picture These are two pictures from Cheryl's iPhone. She took a picture of me and my granddaughter Emily, and then showed us how she can draw on the photo.

Apparently, she and Cathleen spend time exchanging modified pictures to each other. That was a joke :^)
Cheryl's iPhone art work
Cheryl and Eliza Gilkyson Here is a photo taken by Kim Bridle of Cheryl and Eliza Gilkyson when they were performing at Wolfeboro, NH in Aug 2010. The two of them were performing a few more shows, so if you are in the area make an effort to see them.

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