Concert Promoter Materials

This page is intended for use by concert promoters. It contains a collection of high resolution publicity pictures. These are .TIF files that will produce high quality prints. There are also full size .JPG file that will produce slightly lesser quality prints, but are much smaller to download. I have been told that if you are using the picture for a newspaper, there won't be much difference.

These are huge images. You don't want to download them unless you plan on making high quality prints. The web-sized versions of the images in JPeg format are about 1MB in size, so if you just want a picture for your web site, you might consider downloading those versions instead.

Right click on a link to download the actual image file and save it on your local disk.

The actual image size is given in pixels (width x height), as well as total file size. That should give you an idea of how long it will take to download the file.

You are welcome to use any of the text from my Bio section to promote any of Cheryl's concerts. However, I would ask that you give credit to the site when you do so.


Color Photos

Main Head Shot

Cheryl playing Guitar

Closeup of Cheryl's Face

Cheryl on Stool

Cheryl smirking with guitar


B/W Photos

back of Different Stripe


Gag Photos

Driving Home cover

Video cover

Cheryl in Gag Photo with Guns

Sketch of Cheryl and Kenny White


Sample Poster

Sample Poster (PDF)


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