Promoter Resources

This section is aimed at promoters of a concert involving Cheryl. Anyone is welcome to visit, however.

Hi-Res Pictures
High resolution promotional pictures can be downloaded from this page.
Each picture is available in several resolutions and formats for printing, as well as one appropriate for inclusion on a web page.
Concert Configurations
The concert configuration page outlines some of the possibilities if you are interested in booking Cheryl.
Program Notes
The Program Notes page contains some sample text that you might want to use for programming notes, announcements, and/or web site promotions.
If you use any of this information, you are asked to credit this web site.
Cheryl's Concerts
If you are thinking of booking Cheryl, but have never heard her perform, there are a number of options open for you:
Cheryl's schedule
Cheryl tours often, and might be performing near you. Attending one of her shows is the only way you can appreciate how good a performer she is.
Cheryl's video
This video is from a concert Cheryl gave at the Iron Horse. If you aren't able to attend her concert, it will help you get an understanding of what her shows are like.
Audience Recordings
If you are unable to obtain a copy of the video, and she isn't performing in your area, then send e-mail to [email protected]. I will be glad to send you a copy of one of her shows on CD. The audio quality may not be the best, but it should help you understand why she has such a steady following.
Cheryl's Agent
Contact Cheryl's booking agent to get available dates, schedule the concert, etc.
Cheryl's Manager
You should contact Tony Gottlieb, her manager, if you have any additional questions.

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