75 Septembers

This song was written for her father's 75th birthday, who was born Sept. 7, 1915. She didn't find any inspiration for the song until she found out that the Yellow Cab company was founded that same year.

Cheryl got thinking about how the world has changed during her father's life. When he was a kid, he would go down to the barn and hitch up the team so that the family could go to church. Although it bothers Cheryl to see areas that she remembers as a kid get turned into Shopping malls, she has never heard her father complain about such things.

Cheryl sang this song for her father just before his 75th birthday party. Many people have asked her what his reaction was. He smiled and said it was nice, and asked: "Seventy Five Cents what?" He, of course, loves this song, and is very proud of all that Cheryl has done. He told me of the time he and his wife got to go backstage after a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert where they performed this song. Peter, Paul, and Mary told him that they think Cheryl is a great songwriter. Here is a live version with John Gorka that you can find on YouTube.

When she performed this in her home town of Timonium, at the end of the song, her dad got up and gave a 'thumbs up' sign. The audience went wild. The following year, she sang it with her dad and aunt in the audience. The audience kept clapping until her dad got up and waved.



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