This song was covered by Suzy Boggus

I asked Cheryl about the history of this song. Her reply went something like this: The song is about three people: persons A, B, C. It starts with persons A & B. Person A introduces person B to person C. Persons B & C go off into the sunset.

Later, Cheryl added the fact that A & B were former lovers, and that C was a former lover of A. The singer is Person B, who A introduced to C, and then B & C became a couple. Person B is singing to Person A, who complains that they became a couple. Hence the line "You can't deal me the aces and think I wouldn't play"

When Cheryl wrote this song, it had two different choruses (which is how it appears on Live and Otherwise). When she recorded it for the Circles & Arrows album, the second chorus was dropped because Kyle Lehning, the producer, thought it was too confusing. Cheryl has sung it the new way so many times that she said she probably couldn't do it the original way.

The first time the chorus was sung, it was as it appears in the lyrics. The second time the chorus was sung, it appears as in the lyrics (starting with "Now don't let it convince you"), but the last two lines are:

At the end of the song, the second chorus is sung, followed by the first chorus. Here is the official video of Aces on YouTube.



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The song Aces appears on the following 7 albums:

Circles & Arrows
by Wheeler, Cheryl
Live and Otherwise
by Wheeler, Cheryl
Messenger, The
by Greitzer, Ron
by Bogguss, Suzy
Greatest Hits
by Bogguss, Suzy
Different Stripe
by Wheeler, Cheryl
What Do I Care I Don't Have Any Kids Construction Company
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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