Boulder Hotel Room

(a.k.a. But the Days and Nights Are Long)

This song has gone through several name changes. This Original working title was The Boulder Hotel Room Song. Several other titles were considered while Cheryl was performing this song, but Cheryl was leaning towards leaving the title alone. However, the name was changed for the album, since it was going to be on an album called Sylvia Hotel, and people thought it would be too confusing to have two hotel room songs. She later regretted that she let people talk her into changing the title, so when introducing the song at concerts, she would often mention that the song will always be "Boulder Hotel Room" to her. That was a joke :^)

This is a sad song about the end of a relationship. The singer is discussing ways to cope. The opening line stuck with me the first time I heard it:

Life is short,

but the days and nights are long.

Another great line is:

Broken hearts keep beating just the same



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