Handy House

This might well be the most ridiculous song that Cheryl has written. Of course, that is always a moving target. That was a joke :^)

The story behind this song is that one of Cheryl's friends was painting a condo. She needed to get a portable toilet for the work crew. She got one from a company called "Handy House".

Cheryl's friend asked her if she thought she could ask her crew to only do #1 in the toilet; not #2. Cheryl's response was "of course not! You can't tell people what to do in the toilet!"

Cheryl wrote this song when in Pittsburgh, and finished it on the drive to Ohio the next day. It is one of those songs that she can't believe she sings. What is even more amazing is how many people keep asking for it! Here is a live version from YouTube.

Cheryl resisted posting the lyrics for quite some time. But enough fans have asked and pleaded with her that she has finally relented. But be forewarned ... the lyrics are gross! That was a joke :^)



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