I Know This Town

This is the second Cheryl Wheeler song I heard (on the Ben & Jerry's album). I could almost imagine seeing this smart aleck little kid. It sounded a lot like me when I was little. I remember standing next to Cheryl after one of her shows in her hometown of Timonium, MD. A childhood friend of hers was talking about all the places mentioned in this song. It was fun to be a "fly on the wall" while they talked. That was a joke :^)

Bette Midler covers this song on her album "Bette of Roses", and it includes an additional verse that was written by Cheryl at Bette's request.

The additional verse starts with "You check me out when you drive by". Cheryl doesn't usually go back and change the lyrics once she is done with the song, but since it was Bette Midler who requested another verse, she decided to do it. One of the ideas that she hadn't put into the original verses was the fact that since kids are walking around, they tend to notice a lot more things than adults do when they are driving. This gave her the opportunity to add that concept into the song.

Cheryl has since sung the song with and without the new verse, and she likes it either way.



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The song I Know This Town appears on the following 5 albums:

Bette of Roses
by Midler, Bette
Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival, Vol. 2
by Various
Circles & Arrows
by Wheeler, Cheryl
Aint Gonna Cry
by Newton, Juice
Just Be Glad
by Hall, Patty

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