Little Road

This is a beautiful song that contrasts an idyllic New England scene on a beautiful autumn morning with the news programs that were playing on Cheryl's car radio. Much of the scenery would fit well in When Fall Comes to New England. The question that keeps getting asked is how can there be such hate and sorrow in a world as beautiful as we have?

The line that Cheryl seemed to like the best had the phrase "birds chat on the phone lines." That is such an appropriate concept: the birds hang around on the phone lines chatting with each other.

It is a very quiet song; one that she sings pretty low. She told me that it might not last very long because she had to sing it so low that most of the audience couldn't hear her.

I am hoping that at least it will show up on an album. I thought the song was fantastic, and encouraged her to keep singing it. I am hoping that enough people keep asking for it that it can stay alive for a while.



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The song Little Road appears on the following 2 albums:

Defying Gravity
by Wheeler, Cheryl
No Previous Record
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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