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This is a short little ditty that Cheryl came up with shortly after the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit against President Clinton was settled. She wrote it in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the day that the settlement was announced. She was heard the news on WMAQ, AM 670 (which no longer exists), based in Chicago. It isn't even a song, just a brief (but funny) segment.

I had heard about this song from other people on the Cheryl Wheeler E-Mail List. I talked to her shortly before she came to Philly to perform at the Tin Angel on March 14, 1999. I asked her if she still did the song. She said she did, but she wasn't sure for how much longer. She agreed to do it at the show so I could hear it. The audience all seemed to enjoy it, but I agree with Cheryl that it probably won't be a classic. If you don't know (or remember) what the Paula Jones case was all about, then you won't appreciate the song. Of course, she is still doing the song two years later, but I still wouldn't expect it to show up on any album.

After the song, Cheryl zapped one of her famous one-liners. "If every woman got $850,000 for everytime some guy said 'hey babe, do you wanna ...'" That was a joke :^)



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