This is Me

This is a very touching song about the aftermath of Cheryl's breakup. Cheryl is fine, yet she is telling her partner that she still loves her, and always will. It isn't too late, and she can always come back.

It is a very interesting perspective to the end of a relationship. Essentially, it is the person who was hurt trying to comfort the one who has done the leaving.

I am ashamed to say that it never even occurred to me to comfort someone who had hurt me. That's one of the reasons I think this song is so special. It treats the subject from such a unique perspective. It was supposed to appear on Sylvia Hotel, but never did. You can watch Cheryl perform This is Me on YouTube.



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The song This is Me appears on the following 2 albums:

Defying Gravity
by Wheeler, Cheryl
No Previous Record
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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