This album was originally issued by Capitol and then dropped almost immediatly due to internal politics. Rounder re-released this album, which was great news to people who had tried to find the album! Recorded in Nashville, this album is much more produced, and has a definite country influence. It also has a number of country personalities contributing to the album.

The Rounder release revised the liner notes and art work. The liner notes were probably re-typed, the font was changed, and the layout different. Also, the credits are somewhat different. For example, Rounder doesn't credit Tony Gottlieb (Cheryl's manager) for hand claps on Estate Sale.

The cover photos are different on the two releases. On both covers, Cheryl is holding a small picture of herself. The larger picture has all kinds of marking: "Shape Hair", "Remove Wrinkles", etc (directions to the touch up artist.) On the Capitol album, the small picture looks identical to the larger picture. On the Philo album, the small picture is touched up and "glamorized". At one point, Cheryl was talking about having the smaller picture have her wearing a tiara and a fancy gown, but that idea was dropped. The Capitol album has a picture of Cheryl on the back of the album and the booklet that doesn't appear on the Philo version.

Unfortunately, they still have her old booking agent instead of Fleming and Associates.

Dennis Burnside
Acoustic piano
Larry Byrom
Acoustic, electric, and slide guitar
Mark Casstevens
Acoustic guitar
Ashley Cleveland
Vocals (Soon As I Find My Voice)
John Condon
Bill Cuoma
Organ, synthesizer
Jerry Douglas
Jonathan Edwards
Vince Gill
Vocals (Aces)
Tony Gottlieb
Hand claps (Estate Sale)
Doyle Grisham
Steel guitar
Mike Haynes
Trumpet & Fluegelhorn (Soon As I Find My Voice)
Jim Horn
Barritone Sax (Soon As I Find My Voice)
Sheri Huffman
Vocals (Don't Wanna)
David Hungate
Bass, electric guitar
Wendy Johnson
Kyle Lehning
Paul Leim
Robbie Macgruder
Drums (Arrow)
Terry McMillan
Jonelle Mosser
Vocals (Soon As I Find My Voice)
Mark O'Connor
Mandolin, fiddle
Jim Photoglo
Vocals (Northern Girl, Miss You More Than I'm Mad)
Charles Rose
Trombone (Soon As I Find My Voice)
Lisa Silver
Vocals (Don't Wanna)
Denis Solee
Tenor Saxophone (Soon As I Find My Voice)
Joe Stanley
Electric guitar
Harry Stinson
Pam Tillis
Vocals (Soon As I Find My Voice)
Billy Joe Walker, Jr.
Acoustic and electric guitar
Produced by
Kyle Lehning
except "Arrow" produced by Jonathan Edwards, with additional ideas by Kyle Lehning.
Recorded at
Nightingale Studio, Nashville
"Arrow" recorded at Bias Recording Co., Springfield, VA by Bill McElroy.
Engineered by Joseph Brogan, assisted by Gary Paczosa, Kirt Odle, and John Condon
Overdubs recorded at Morningstar Sound Studio, Hendersonville, TN engineered by Kyle Lehning and Tom Knox, assisted by John Condon.
Strings and horns recorded at Digital Sound Recorders, Nahsville, TN.
Engineered by
Tom Knox, assisted by John Kunz.
Mixed at
Morningstar Sound Studio by Kyle Lehning, assisted by John Kunz.
Mastered at
The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, by Doug Sax and Alan Yoshida.
The A Strings are
Conni Ellisor, Violin
Ted Madsen, Violin
Laura Molyneaux, Violin
David Davidson, Violin
Carl Gorodetzky, Violin
Pamela Sixfin, Violin
George Binkley, Violin
Jim Grosjean, Viola
Kristin Wilkinson, Viola
Gary Vanosdale, Viola
Anthony LaMarchina, Cello
Robert Mason, Cello
Artist Wheeler, Cheryl
Title Circles & Arrows
Date 1991
Label Capitol
Cat # CDP 7 92063
Artist Wheeler, Cheryl
Title Circles & Arrows
Date 1991,1995
Label Rounder
Cat # 11671 1162
Track Title Time Artist
1 I Know This Town 3:24
2 Hard Line to Draw 3:25
3 Aces 3:42
4 Estate Sale 3:39
5 Don't Wanna 3:41
6 Northern Girl 3:44
7 Soon As I Find My Voice 3:29
8 Miss You More Than I'm Mad 2:40
9 Moonlight and Roses 3:20
10 When You're Gone 2:40
11 Arrow 4:19